A major debate among amp enthusiasts (especially on UG) is that the Valveking is not worth the price new, or worth spending the money on mods.

Well, it isn't worth buying new, really. No offense to Peavey.
They've made a great amp, but for a consumer's sake, going used on the deal is the most budget-conscious idea, especially if you wish to do the mods.
However, many VK users alike consider the mods to really open up the amp (read other pages to get accounts of this) and present a very good amp for a nice price, when bought used.

(credit Raijouta)
Used VK112 ~ $250
Weber OT + Labor to install it ~ $100 (Less, if you feel comfortable installing it)
WGS Veteran 30 ~ $69
New preamp tubes ~ $50
New Power amp tubes ~ $40

In all you're looking at about $508 for a great amp, especially once the speaker and OT breaks in. You could probably get a used VK for less than that too, often with a new speaker and tubes for that price, so part of the cost could go towards a Bad Monkey or something. external image shrug.gif

(sparkeyjames) You can get away without the new output transformer and the cost is much more reasonable. Save the OT for a later project. If your on a limited budged for your first upgrade change the speaker. In almost everyone's opinion this is a must do first upgrade. Then do the preamp tubes then the power amp tubes.


Used VK100 head ~ $275
Weber OT + Labor ~ $125 (Less, if you feel comfortable installing it)
New preamp tubes ~ $50
Speaker cab ~ ???

For the head, you'd be spending less than what it would cost to just buy a 6505 and you'd sound more unique. Everyone and their mother uses 5150s/6505s.

*Please note that this example was in response to a person looking for a more metal-oriented tone*
The Valveking is not really a metal amp, in my opinion (dudey5691), but can do metal with a boost and other mods. BUT, it is a love/hate tone that only certain people can truly appreciate.

The VK Thread suggests that mods be done on amps to provide best tone. :)