ethan_hanus Stock Valveking 112, Mesa Boogie 6l6's and 2 JJ 12AX7's and 1 Sovtek LPS 12AX7.
The recording method I used was a DI method, going through the Send on the FX of the amp and Clearing it up with SM57 impulses. Its sounds damn close to what it actually sounds like.
Guitar used was my Custom Metal Squier Strat with EMG 81's. Same pickup position used throughout. Excuse my crappy playing. external image haha.gif

Settings on the amp are"
Texture control about 11 oclock.
Bass:12 oclock
Mid: 2 oclock
Treble: 1 oclock
Gain: varies with track
Volume control: on

First one is half distortion
Second one is full distortion, gain at max.
Third one is gain at max with the VK boost on.
Fourth one is with the gain at max and using an Ibanez Ts9 as a boost. - Clean and Lead clippys. Great Metal demos.

Stock Valveking 112, TAD 6L6 powertubes, Tong-Sol 12AX7 in V1, Mullard RI 12AX7 in V2, Sovtek LPS 12AX7 in V3. Guitar is a Squier Affinity with Bareknuckle pickups.

Experimental metal sounding riff:

Clean riff in 6/8:

Necrophagist777 - 112 w/Eminence Man O War, Boosted by BM (Metal)

Bartdevil_Metal - V30 Mod (Shred, Jazz, Surf Rock) ~112

IbanezPsycho - Modded to (Metal) ~Head

ilya-v - Modded (many mods) ~ Head

Raijouta - Clean and lead clips, blues, and Vai/Satch tones WGS Vet30 speaker~112

Sadistic_Sponge - 112 Stock. 11 minute demo is great, heavy starts half way through. Recorded with a good Sennheiser mic.
Sadistic_Sponge: Mesa modded VK112 with 470pF resistor in C149 slot.

311ZOSO - 112 Stock. Various (including a dummy jack insert #1 demo)

dopethrone420 - 212 Doom Stoner Rock

dudey5691 - 112 with Vet30, * shows clips before tube change to V1 Tungsol and V2-3 JAN Philips 5751

Worhan - stock 112 metal

Mathamology - 112 w/V30 212 cab hard rock

gtr_101 - 112 w/WGS Vet30/Bad Monkey/Duncan SH5

mythiasking - VK Head with 1960b cab/g12-75s - Hardcore/Deathmetal

Don Tonberry - 112 with MXR ZW OD/boost on/Vol 1 - Metal

GaijinFoot - 212 Stock with Schector/actives - Metal

DaddyBarbs - 112 Stock with and without pedals - Killswitch clip

Synystagates - 112 Metal clipz A7X, BFMV, Metallica, etc content

Perry Parson has some good stuff on
ParryPerson #257 "
99 Gibson Les Paul --> VK Head into 4 WGS GB's with a bad monkey in front.
(Go to and search on Valveking for Parry's stuff)

Fadetoz - Peavey Valveking 112
JJ Tubes and a Eminence Texas Heat. A little Reverb (No Effects)


100 Head stock - hardcore punk post production

112 Blues clip - great clip and you can tell it is a Valveking.

Same dude doing Satch's Always with you always with me.

Stock 112

Drop Slipknot ....212

JamieOldfield stuff w/tubescreamer demo

100 head version Pantera

100 head - guy doing Disturbed. Marshall cab.

212 metal clip - good