Various Comments of Importance from Old Thread

MasterWerk #33 - "I have a 112, retubed with JJ's and I have swapped the speaker with an Eminence Texas Heat. I'm surprised at the amount of low end this little combo has. nice and tight, with decent highs - not the icepick to the eardrum highs I usually hear in cheap 112's.

Sid McCall #64 - "So I just dropped in my new eminence redcoat speaker, and the amp is a million times better. I can't wait until it's fully broken in!

Lynchworm #81 - "Well, I would get a matched set from (great website) Just let them you know you have the Valveking. They gave me a tube bias # of 16

Lynchworm #170 - "I just dropped the Celestion g12T-100 into my Valveking 112 and I love it!!! It was exactly what I wanted. It has a very tight low end with AMAZING HARMONICS! It is a very clear speaker and does not have overpowering mids. I like mids but I prefer to dial them in on the amp. Anyway, if anyone is looking for a clear speaker with a hint of grit and the qualities i mentioned above, try it out. I got mine for 67.00 shipped
Keep in mind that this is after trying the Vintage 30 and a Jensen Mod speaker. This speaker is not broken in yet either. Anyway, just thought I would share that.

ParryPerson #257 "
Thought I would post this here.
99 Gibson Les Paul --> VK Head into 4 WGS GB's with a bad monkey in front.

bartdevil_metal #273 "^It won't affect the maximum power it can put out, it will just saturate the power tubes more. New tubes affect the tone of the amp more than the volume, though some tubes can increase the headroom of the amp, such as KT88 power tubes.

MrCarrot #288 "Well the schematic tells me it's a non-adjustable fixed bias. So it's just change tubes and play. Just as if it were cathode bias. Cathode bias means at an incredibly basic level non-adjustable bias designed for one tube type, ergo you just plug the new ones in with no worries at all, no rebiasing. Essentially the valveking is set up to be the same. No bias pot that I can see.

mike.h - #364 "So after reading some websites like and stuff, I decided to try using the Bad Monkey in the effects loop, so its basically acting like a post distortion EQ, smoothing the clipping of the path. It also drives the power tubes for some nice saturation. I uploaded a really short clip. The recording makes it sound a bit boxy though. Read the description)

IbanezPsycho - #383 "After messing with mine over the last two weeks or so i actually prefer the boost's off and bad monkey ran infront of the amp with eq in the loop. Usually use the eq as a master volume as well so i can push the preamps alot harder. With the boosts off the tone is alot smoother but you really have push it to get a nice metal tone out of it and its lacking some sustain. But its alot more pleasant then the harsher boosted side of the amp.

DisplacedLogig - 397 "I emailed Peavey about the channel delay in switching. They said the newer VK's don't have a specific cap in them anymore (C124). They said pull it out and it should be good to go. (I'll fwd the email if anyone wants). Schematic can be found here. Then click PVvalveking112. (my comp is all screwed up and it never displays the .pdf when I direct link it.) That SHOULD do the trick, as per Peavey. (for older VK's not the newer ones)-311

IbanezPsycho - #453 "Guitar into input in homemade pedal then A output to whatever effects you want then the same for B output then you can do a Y from pedals into the input into the amp or just run A output to low input on amp and B output to high input on amp. Then wire up the VK stomp to switch channels. So you can fat foot the A switch and the VK switch for clean switch with effects and vice versus. (in regards to creating a footswitch that can switch between channels using both guitar inserts, one having the pedals)-311

IbanezPsycho - #479 "Also i just started up a Valveking Group, so if you own a VK or fixing to own a VK go ahead and join its going to be a place to talk about mods, settings, tips and tricks and general amp talk.
Heres the link

sg622 - #507 "Just a tip for all of you guys looking for better bass response. For the 112 version, make sure the switch on the back of the amp is on loose. I just recently discovered it. I always kept it on tight thinking that it added to the flub, but with the right EQing and with the od, everything is really boomy and sounds HUGE. Its great for heavy chugga chugga stuff

Hakael - #518 (insert jack diff)-311
"High Gain Input
Used for most electric guitars. It is 10dB louder than Low Gain input.
Low Gain Input
Provided for instruments that have extremely high outputs, which can result in overdriving (distorting) the High Gain input. If both inputs are used simultaneously, the levels are the same (both are Low Gain).

Grog_ZE #519 "I have just discovered a trick to get alot more gain out the VK head not sure if itll work on the 112 probly would on the 212 Connect your effects loop together with a short patch chord it seem that alot of the pre amp signal is diverterd there and it dulls down the distortion since it isnt conected

sg622 - #540 "yea definately get an eq pedal. NOTHING and I MEAN NOTHING has changed my tone for the better as much as the EQ pedal has. I wish i would have gotten this first and not have wasted my money on expensive distortion pedals.
(MXR 10 band is the 'best', Danelectro Fish n Chips 7 band is the best 'value' pedal at $40)-311

4949oz - #567 "I wouldn't say gained up, there is a definite clarity increase for me, but here's the catch, I only notice it in the impeded input (#2). It definitely breathes better, and the overall presence is astounding. something about it is just more "Sparkly" to the ears. I pretty much only use the #2 input, I think it compresses the signal and sounds more natural than the first input, more valve-like. Stays cleaner at higher volumes, which is good cause I like really crisp cleans.
I wouldn't say that the speaker is tighter, but that the resonance is less loose on the bottom end, but not as much (on the 112) as it would be with the switch in tight. And as far as "attenuator" feel, I think it sounds like that because it's just breathing better. Valves breathe better when getting cooked a tiny bit, but to scale it down to normal level, you use an attenuator.
This loop bypass is a wonderful trick, and I'm going to get a patch cable and run my amp like this from now on. maybe even hardwire it in with a switch somewhere in the back. I hope it doesn't, but I doubt that it will harm my amp in any way over long term use, might wear out the tubes quicker, but that's good GOOD I want to replace them. The stock ones are crap.

IbanezPsycho - #589 "Quick update the effects loop trick works.... Found out the issue, treble was to high so with the clarity boost I was hearing how harsh the treble was on the amp lol. Or its acting like a bright switch in a since. Either way treble down and clarity is threw the roof now.

And to one up yall, it gets even better when you have something else plugged into the other input.

bartdevil_metal - #569 "You guys! This is what I was trying to tell you about, with my multi fx rack in the FX loop. It "quietens down" your signal, and clarifies it a bit, just by having something there. Trust me to badly exaplin it only for someone else to discover it (sarcasm)-311 external image haha.gif

Frettila - #628 "As results of my investigation on my VK112, I think the tone stack of the VK112 (and I think the other VKs also) is the same as the Marshall tone stack, but with different resistor and cap values. But these values give you a very similar curve. A major difference to marshall amps, is that the VK112 has 6L6GC power tubes. They sound different compared to EL34s used in almost all marshall amp. But many amp give you the choice, and run with 6L6GCs, and EL34s also. It depends on you. Other things that shape your sound are, the cab/combo quality, structure, and the speaker. Cab/combo quality and structure are hard to change, but the speaker could be changed easy. That's what I'll try next week. Another plan for the future to use ECC83 tubes in the preamp. I don't really like the VK112s distorted sound with these stock speakers. I think these are cheap all-round speakers, to give you an average sound on the clean channel - which has a Fender-like, but not exactly the same tone stack, but the cap and resistor values give you a Fender sound curve, and an average sound on the dirty channel. I think that's the issue with the stock speaker.

Back to your question. I don't really like the amps distorted sound at "AB" texture setting (at the VK112s back), but an OD pedal, like a tubescreamer (I have an TS9DX as it came out from the shop), or an SD-1 (mine is modded by myself , could improve the sound, and make it acceptable. I have to mention here, I don't use the gain boost switch. With "A" texture setting, the VK sounds better to me. I just kick my OD, it is always on during playing. Sometimes I put in an EQ before any distortion. A moderate mid-boost (an almost flat upside-down V shape), could be also handy. Sometimes I have a modded GCB-95 wah (a resistor changed to a potentiometer, a kind of "Q" mod), in a stationery position.

IbanezPsycho - #629 "Easyest way to find a good eq i find is to get a decent eqing on amp first then tweak with eq in the effects loop from there. I prefer mids boosted, i usually boost them on the amp then boost them again with the eq pedal. Also on the pedal i like to take out the 2k freq its a buzzy sucker and usually makes everything harsh.

311zoso - #632 "Thanks IbanezPsycho i'm going to post some pics and hopefully a better explanation. Also, I plugged just a jack head (headphone adapter i think) into 1st input jack and guitar into 2nd input jack and there was a huge difference. Much more clear, louder, better. Much more noticable then effects loop thingy.

311zoso - #651 "guitar > VK Input #2 > amp > FX out > 5ft patch > FX in > amp > VK Input #1 going out to Frontman FM > FM Input #1 = stereo
i know, it's been done before but damn i wanna have fun! (after IP helped me hook up my Fender FM solid state amp to run in stereo) external image cheers.gif

4949oz - #740 "anybody else here use a rp250?
You'd be amazed at how realistic those things sound. Don't ever use the factory presets though, they sound like crap.
One thing I've noticed, whilst recording, you can use it for clean chorus/reverb/delay in the effects loop, and use it as a bit of a boost while you're at it, it works for that stuff best in the fx loop.
Or, use it as a stompbox simulation only. Shutting off everything but strictly the stompboxes, makes for some very realistic modeling. I really think that the next generation of digitech's processor chips/programming is going to stick a giant middle finger in the face of purists. my friend has a mxr distortion and we can't tell the difference between the real thing and the rp's model! Acutally, the rp's sounds more balanced and less muddy! weird...
But besides that, try using the amp models, stacked on top of the lead channel (before input, not in the effects loop) and shut of the cabinet modeling and everything else, and use just the gain and ouput controls on the amp model as a stompbox. Pretty unique tones. I used the Vox ac30 topboost model as a stompbox, and with the gain at 60-80 it's actually really quiet. Classic squealy highs with the coils split, but if i flip my hagstrom into humbuckers it gets really thick and saturated, but not muddy at all, even on the bridge pickup. I like it a lot. I don't hear any "digital-ness" to it at all. Maybe a tad in the highs, but still, it's balanced out by the amp. Crank the output on the rp and you get some beasty 12ax7 overload! I like it, sounds real vintange, and almost fuzz like, but still much clearer.
It works well with less high gain models, like all fender models, the plexi head, and 77 master volume models (cranked down of course) the hiwatts and vox models, as well as the Mark 2c model, whatever that is. Sounds really unique. Makes for some cool tones. (more for me external image haha.gif)

sg622 - #791 "
an od:
bad monkeys are like 50 bucks
a tubescreamer which is much better quality is around 100 but a bad monkey will suffice

and eq:
a fish n chips is like 30 bucks and is pretty good but is not gig worthy
a mxr ten eq will run you 120 dollars. This is the most incredible pedal though and is worth every penny.

a speaker: you can get a v30 clone from and they cost around 50 bucks and this is the cheapeset good speaker you will find

311zoso - #866 "The only thing that is extra from a knob perspective on the 212 is two Damping controls. I'm typing this strait out of the manual. You would have to talk to someone with a 212 probably to get info on whether or not they hear a difference.

Presence - used to fine tune high-frequency response and damping factor of the power amp sections. At higher settings, the speakers are allowed to move more freely at high frequencies, resulting in more apparent high end.

Resonance - used to fine tune the low-frequency response and damping factor of the power amp section. At higher settings, the speakers are allowed to move more freely at lower frequencies, resulting in more apparent low end with slightly less signal clarity at maximum settings. (differences in 112 to 212 outside of extra speaker, extra 50 watts of overhead, extra cab out ohm options)-311

IbanezPsycho - #922 "Bad Monkey has a bit more level and no mid hump to color your sound. I Owned a tubescreamer and modifed tubescreamer and got rid of them for the Bad Monkey. And just put it up against a MI Audio Boost N' Buff and the Bad monkey killed it as well.

bartdevil_metal - #943 (EQ setting) Scoop the lower mids, and boost the higher ones slightly. That way you'll reatain the scooped sound while still keeping clarity.
Like this:
(311 to fix later [Good luck from Bartdevil])

IbanezPsycho - #962 "Start flat and go slider by slider boost it to +15 and then -15 see which freq/tone each one effects then tweak from there. Boost the mids dip out some lows and tweak the highs to taste. Also I like to find a decent setting on the on-board eq first then tweak further with the eq vs setting the knobs at 5 and using purely eq for tone shaping.

IbanezPsycho - #1011 "Warranty doesnt cover tubes so depending on how much it was played and how bad it was abused example turning it on and off properly its never a good idea to buy a floor demo. Unless you plan on re-tubing it. Buying from an individual and getting a answer on how much it was played and when was the last tube change would be a better option then a store demo unit that has no history. Just and FYI...

fretilla - #1085 "Private Jack installed aaaand ... it sounds good! There is an almost inaudible fizz (on dirty channel), at low vol level this british speaker emphasize it a bit more (the original speaker hides it a lot), but it doesn't hurt. You can keep your bedroom vol level for practice, but using an EQ like BOSS GE-7 (or something else) is highly recommended. This way the fizz disappears. No fizz at higher (still neghbour friendly) volumes. The EQ in the effect loop became more efficient, can be used on a wider range, more different tones, the speaker behaves well.

IbanezPsycho - #1204 "Feedback issue's

Simple Causes....
Playing within 5 feet of amp
Playing with guitar facing amp
Bad Cable
Gain to high on amp or effect (Fiddle with the level on your bad monkey and amp see if it goes away)
Using Gain Boost

Advanced Causes.....
Tubes might have gone microphonic.
To test this pull of preamp tube shields, turn on amp fully. Turn gain down on amp so you dont hear any feedback or noise but enough give it some volume say 2/3. Take a pencil and use the eraser end of it to gently knudge the tubes and see if you hear any noise or feed back.

Guitar pickups Microphonic- is a high-pitch squeal, more piercing than feedback

Loose connection with guitar wiring. Check jack and make sure everything is good there and there no loose wires or so forth then pull off the cavity plate and check everything in there.

Also a Noise gate will help out with feedback issues. Without one my rig is pretty much useless...

Heres my Ranking on them..
1. Isp Decimator $129.99
2. MXR Smartgate $119.99
3. Boss NS-2 $99.99
4. Rocktron Hush $89.99
5. Behringer Clone $29.99