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Speaker ohms, etc. (Anything that isn't covered elsewhere).

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For anyone with impedance questions (I saw a few people asking), The vk 212 runs at 8ohms alone. If you add a cabinet you need to add an 8 ohm cabinet and set the head to 4 ohms, as you have 2 8ohms enclosures. If you want to use two other cabinets or a cabinet that is 4 or 16 ohms, u need to unplug the 2 internal speakers and set the impedance accordingly.

1 x 4 ohm cabinet = 4 ohm impeadance
2 x 4 ohm cabinets = 2 ohm impeadance
(2 ohm settings is ussualy not an option so dont buy 2 4ohm cabs)

1x 8 ohms cab = 8ohm impedance
2x 8 ohms cab = 4 ohm impedance

1x 16 ohms cab = 16 ohms impedance
2x 16 ohms cab = 8 ohms impedance

Don't mix them, it's not healthy for your head and can cause damage on top of sounding dodgy, I learned this the hard way external image frown.gif

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So, for the 8 ohm cabs, (8*8)/(8+8)=64/16=4 ohms.

8 Ohms in Series/Parallel, 16 in series, 4 in parallel

From Peavey.com on 212

Go to the back of the amplifier and read labels on the speakers.
Typically a 212 will have two 8 ohm speakers for a 16 ohm total.

Write back with the ohm rating..........

Part Two--

If your amp is built as a 16 ohm 2X12 you will want to use a 16 ohm 4X12.
When running two 16 ohm cabinets amp should be set at 8 ohms.
When running two 8 ohm cabinets amp should be set at 4 ohms.

If your 212 combo amp is 16 ohms and the 412 cabinet is 8 ohms you will not get equal performance.