This section is for User Settings of the Valveking. These settings will all very depending on the type of music being played. Be sure to use these settings as a guide line in order to develop your own unique tone.
(Credit bartdevil_metal)
Jackson DK2M through VK112 (w/V30)
Channel: Lead
Volume: To taste
Bass: 7
Middle: 8
Treble: 6
Gain 6.5
Boost On
Volume Boost Off

(Credit dudey5691)
Stevie Ray Vaughan tone (bedroom levels/neck pickup/no pedals) on VK112 with Veteran 30.
-Lead Channel without gain or volume boosts
-Gain at a smidge above 9 o'clock
-volume at 11 o'clock
-Low at 10 o'clock
-Mid at 2 o'clock
-High at a smidge below 11 o'clock
-Reverb at or around 10 o'clock

(Credit sg622)
Stock VK no mods
VK lead channel
Gain- 7.5
bass- 5
mid- 8
treb- 5.5

MXR 10 band (In fx loop)
31Hz: -6
62Hz: +3
125Hz: +6
250Hz: +3
500Hz: -3
1KHz: +4-6
2KHz: -3
4KHz: +8
8KHz: +3
16KHz: +6

vol and gain are at 0db
I think its a pretty weird EQ for the pedal but it works

Note that i also run a keeley TS-9 and an Ibanez TS-9 (both on) in front of the amp.

Boost and Volume are both off and the presence is on tight and the amp is set to A/B

(credit Necrophagist777)
I just got an awesome lead tone from the VK lead channel. Think of the solo from seize the day but a little smoother.

Gain 7.5/8
Treble 7
Mid 6
Bass 7

Bad Monkey
Level 10
Gain 0
High/Low 5

(credit Raybone31)
I got a sweet ass blues tone this weekend on my 212. My settings are


Bass 6.1
Mids 5.7
Treb 6.9

Res 1.6
Pres 5.0

Now I used this through the bypass on my Zoom 505 multi effects pedal and it thickened it up a bit, when I went straight into the amp it wasn't quite as warm but... Yellow Ledbetter sounded very nice on the neck pick up. I then went and played a little pride and joy in the bridge and it was dialed in. Give it a try and tell me what you think.

I haven't made any mods other than the dummy jack.

(credit Boss Wagon)
non-metal EQ settings that i uses:

clean channel
bass- 5
mid- 6
treble- 4

lead channel
bass- 5
mid- 5
treble- 3.5

(credit Synystagates)
Got a great Metallica tone playing Master of Puppets, Creeping Death, and Ride the Lightning

Bad Monkey: Normal settings (Gain 0, Level 10, High and Low 5)
Gain boost: off
Volume boost: on
gain: 8
bass: 5.5 (little higher might sound better)
treble 5.5
mids: 2.5ish

the amp had a decent amount of treble, so 5.5 usually does the trick.

Avenged Sevenfold type tone (Chapter Four specifically)

Bad Monkey: Normal settings (Gain 0, Level 10, High and Low 5)
Gain boost: On (the amp, not footswitch if you have it)
Volume boost: on
gain: 8.5
bass: 6.5
treble 6
mids: 4

(credit 1chadt)
I recently hooked up a 31 band rackmount eq through the effects loop since I was able to borrow one for a while. It made a huge difference in the distortion tone after messing with it for a while, and I got rid of that Fizz/Fuzz in the distortion, and now have a more clear, articulate, punchy sound. This is with Warehouse "Retro 30" speakers in my VK 212 Combo. I highly recommend these speakers BTW. They sound similar to the Veteran 30, but have more lows and slightly more highs. Huge lows. Anyway, on the EQ, I left the extreme high and low frequencies alone since they are overkill for guitar purposes, boosted the frequencies some between 80HZ - 250HZ, left several in the middle alone, slightly boosted the 1.6k - 2.5k, cut the 5k - 6k a decent amount (this is where the fizz/fuzz is), and just slightly cut the 8k. I'm sure a 10 band eq would be similar settings, and if you set your amp's eq different, it will move the frequency curve around some on the EQ unit, as will different speakers & pickups, so experiment with it.

This is with a Krank OD pedal (very similar to a TS-8) set to- Level:6 Tone:6 Gain:0, and bright, high gain passive pickups (Tom Anderson H3). On the amp- Volume:2 Gain:3(boost on) Low:8 Mid:4 Treb:4 Reverb:1.5 Resonance:4 Presence:4

This with the EQ gives me a tight, deep, metal tone with minimal fuzz, and balanced mids. Maybe not quite a brutal over the top sound, but similar to a good cranked and boosted Marshall 1/2 stack. Give it a try, especially if you have a rackmount eq, and good speakers.

(Credit IbanezPsycho)
Treble: past 5 (harsh and muddy doesn't clean up well) 0-5 adjust to taste. Imagine 1-5 is your new 0-10
Middle: past 8 (harsh and muddy doesn't clean up well) 0-8 adjust to taste Imagine 1-8 is your new 0-10
Bass: Use as normal, but it lacks a lot of bass so this were an EQ pedal helps out considerably
Presence:Use as normal - adds top end harmonics
Resonance:Use as normal - makes the bass response loose or tight
Texture knob:Clockwise Tight thrash tone, Counter Clockwise Loose/Creamy think vintage but a bit muddy
Gain: past 7-8 will get muddy
Volume Button: In or out its a preference thing but at bedroom levels you might want to leave it out so you have more control over the volume knob.
Gain Button: Pushed In adds big boost of gain and highs but its really harsh due to Diode Clipping circuit being engaged, only way to clean it up is to push the power tubes harder to mask the harshness. But then your getting out of that tight metal territory. Best option is not to use it and us a OD pedal to push her into metal territory.

Setting wise here is an example of relating the Valveking's EQ quirks to standard settings...
Metallica's basic settings are Treble 7 Mid 2 Bass 7
But because of the EQ quirks your new settings will look something like this.
Treble 4-4.5 Mid 2 Bass 10
then with the EQ add in a touch more bass and a touch more treble and mid to taste.

(Bartdevil_metal Sine EQ for EQ pedals)
|                 _---_      |
|''-_        _-'        '---'|
|     `---`                  |
Doing this allows you to have a scooped mid sound, but retains the mids needed to cut through.

Sadistic Sponge notes: This is precisely the EQ setup I used on my stock VK. It really brightens the channel and gives it some much needed definition. I used a Boss EQ pedal.

(credit GuernZila)
well for anybody who is interested i just got a realy nice eq setting in my mxr 10 band
31.25 between -6 and 0,
62.5 just barley under 0
125 between 0 and -6
250 at 0
500 just under +6
1khz just over +6
2khz just over 0
4khz at +6
8khz between +6 and +12
16 khz between 0 and +6
and my amp is on the drive chanel with the gain at noon, bass at 7 mid at 7 and treble at 6 and the volume at about 4 with the eq levels at -12 and the resonance is on loose. i also have a bad monkey and an old boss sd-1 boosting the gain but this setng is prety responsive the the amps eq and u can boost of cut the mids and get a good sound eather way and the clean chanel sounds good with the bright switch on and the bass up and the treble at about noon and the mids to taste