Amp Tricks and Suggestions

While The Valveking is a great amp out of the box, several minor additions can be implemented to achieve a more satisfactory tone. All of these additions have little work to be done and can possibly be done with spare parts lying around your house. Utilizing these simple suggestions can help to improve the Valveking's sound.

The “Dummy Jack” Mod
A seriously cheap mod that everyone and anyone can and should do. Get a ¼” jack plug converter – something like this:

external image 7dayshop-com-3-5mm--6-3mm-standard-headphone-jack-converter-plug.jpg

And insert it into the 1st input. The plug your guitar into the second input and play. Creates more clarity in your tone and filters out some more of the muddiness.

(Credit IbanezPsycho)
FX Loop Patch Mod
Jumper cable in the Effects loop activates the Loop Buffer giving you a bit more clarity and level. Works great if you are not using any pedals in the chain already.

Volume Pedal Master Mod
Placing a volume pedal or eq pedal in the effects loop will act like a master volume allowing you to in-turn push your preamps a bit harder and allow for final volume adjustment before it hits the poweramps allowing for volume adjustment. Great way to get a great metal tone. This does not affect the poweramp and is not a replacement for an attenuator but is a great way to turn your amp into a master volume amp and push those preamps.

Pedal Use

(Credit to IbanezPsycho)
Loves OD pedals, Bad Monkey is a great budget pedal and works great on this amp.
Settings Level 10 Gain 0, These settins will work with any OD pedal. Pretty much a must if your playing metal.
external image Dig_BadMonkey.jpg

Also a EQ pedal is almost a must for fine tuning because of the quirks in the on-board eq'ing. Also there is a nasty little freq that creates alot of fizz in the 2-4k range you will probally want to pull it out with the EQ pedal.

Footswitch Mod
(credit sparkeyjames)

I just came into ownership of used but very clean ValveKing 112 and already had a Behringer FCB1010 midi pedal board used to control my PodXT. If you did not know the FCB1010 midi pedal board comes with 2 foot switchable 1/4 inch mono plugs. These can be set toggle on off or momentary (down on/up off). I checked the VK's schematics and the footswitch uses a pretty standard TRS plug so instead of spending any more money I decided to use what was at hand (though you could buy a TRS to dual mono 1/4 cable off the shelf or even an adapter) I grafted 2 mono 1/4 plugs onto one end of a 20foot TRS male male cable. I now have complete footswitchable control of my VK 112 along with control of all the programs and stomps of a PodXT.

Feedback Issues
IbanezPsycho - #1204

Simple Causes....
Playing within 5 feet of amp
Playing with guitar facing amp
Bad Cable
Gain too high on amp or effect (Fiddle with the level on your bad monkey and amp see if it goes away)
Using Gain Boost

Advanced Causes.....
Tubes might have gone microphonic.
To test this pull off preamp tube shields, turn on amp fully. Turn gain down on amp so you dont hear any feedback or noise but enough give it some volume say 2/3. Take a pencil and use the eraser end of it to gently knudge the tubes and see if you hear any noise or feed back.

Guitar pickups Microphonic- is a high-pitch squeal, more piercing than feedback

Loose connection with guitar wiring. Check jack and make sure everything is good there and there are no loose wires or so forth then pull off the cavity plate and check everything in there.

Also a Noise gate will help out with feedback issues. Without one my rig is pretty much useless...

Heres my Ranking on them..
1. Isp Decimator $129.99
2. MXR Smartgate $119.99
3. Boss NS-2 $99.99
4. Rocktron Hush $89.99
5. Behringer Clone $29.99


(Credit Giordano Boschetti - giobos)

The new 112 ValveKing, say on the back 16 ohms min.

I come from Italy, I have personally talked on the phone with a technician of Peavey Italia,
The ValveKing 112, supports 8ohm well.

It is now 3 months I play with a 2x12 (hearley Benton G212) with no problem at high volumes.
I hope it will be useful to many.