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Lightbulb Limiter (credit:cap47, charliep)

Just so the uninformed can know what this is. It is a current (Amps, Amperes) limiting device to use when powering up a newly built tube amplifier the first time or after extensive work on one. (like recapping)
It can save expensive parts like transformers if there is a short circuit or other wiring fault that draws too much current.
It will flash brightly when the filter caps charge up then go down to a low glow if everything is correct.
I like to use a 25 watt light bulb on a new amplifier because it limits the current to less than 250 ma for less risk of damage if something is wrong.
Basically it puts the light bulb in series with the amplifiers power supply and reacts to the current draw.
Very handy device. Definition:(structo)
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